GTA Pinas Roleplay is a San Andreas Multiplayer server where anyone can make their own story and be whoever you want to be! Join hundreds of players from all over the Philippines! Join one of the fastest growing filipino servers now!

Make your own story and reality at GTA Pinas

What features does GTA Pinas have?


What makes GTA Pinas Roleplay different?

We are a community founded by real and loyal players that have been a member of the San Andreas Multiplayer Community ever since 2011! GTA Pinas is designed to run for a long time! 

Professional Administration Team

The administration team of GTA Pinas is composed of SAMP players that have been around roleplaying servers ever since 2011. All administrators are handpicked from the most active and rational moderators that help our players in every way that they can! Our administrators undergo intense training and review every month!

Robust, Easy to Use and Unique Script

Our Lead Developer, Cipher is an established member of the official SA-MP forums where legitimate developers meet and collaborate. Our script has been in development ever since the start of the year and has been fine tuned to make sure that your expectations are reached! Our script is as user friendly as it can be!

Engaging and Friendly Membership

It is very hard to stay alone in our server! All you literally have to do is walk around for a couple of minutes and you'll start making friends! Our members are so flexible you'd find your type of roleplay in a span of less than an hour. We offer free gang creation too! So call your friends, make them join the server and enjoy!

How can you join GTA Pinas Roleplay?

To accommodate more players, we have made GTA Pinas Roleplay cross-platform! It can be played in both mobile (Android), tables (Android) and PC! Adjusted for fair gaming between platforms! 

PC Installation

1. To join using a PC, you should have the game GTA San Andreas (not affiliated) installed in your computer. 

2. Download San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) modification onto your PC by clicking here!

3. Connect to the server by clicking here! Press “Open Samp” and then “Add to Favorites“!

Mobile Installation

1. To join using your cellphone, you should have the OBB and APK+Data Files of GTA Pinas! To download the OBB just click here.

2. You can use our V10 APK+Data by clicking here!

3. Or you can use our Official V11 APK+Data from SAMPAPK (more stable and smooth fps) by clicking here.

4. Watch our tutorials on how to install by clicking here!

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